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Indian beauty influencers are making a significant impact in the beauty industry with their exceptional work and creativity. Their expertise in makeup, skincare, and fashion has caught the attention of a vast audience in today’s world of glamour and beauty. These beauty influencers have not just attracted followers but also raised the bar for makeup standards with their creativity, inspiring people and forming a community of beauty enthusiasts.

Makeup influencers on Instagram use their platform to share the latest beauty trends, product launches, and skincare routines through flawless makeup and honest product review videos. With the rise of Instagram reels, these influencers have become even more creative in showcasing their talents in just a few seconds. Not only do they teach their followers how to look good, but they also promote a positive vibe, encouraging everyone to feel confident in their skin.

If you are interested in the beauty industry and want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, products, and news related to makeup, skincare, and fashion, then you should check out the top beauty influencers in India. These influencers are part of influencer marketing agencies that collaborate with various brands and have a significant impact on their followers.

Here are the profiles of Top 7 Indian beauty influencers you should follow on Instagram in 2023. Let us know who your favorite influencer is among these!

1. Mrunal Panchal : 5.2 M (@Mrunu)

Mrunal Panchal is a popular beauty content creator with 5.2 million followers on Instagram. She is known for her exceptional makeup skills and started her career as a TikTok star. Later, when Instagram reels were introduced, she continued creating artistic makeup videos that went viral. Her creativity was appreciated by people and she is now a well-known beauty influencer not only in India but also in other countries.

Mrunal Panchal’s Instagram account is a perfect blend of makeup and skincare tutorials, fashion snapshots, and glimpses into her daily life. With an increasing number of followers, she has become a great source of inspiration for many young people who admire her sense of style and appreciate her beauty tips.

2. Parul Garg: 2.9 M (@parulgargmakeup)

Parul Garg is a highly successful Indian makeup artist with a massive following of 2.9 million on Instagram. She is based in Gurgaon and has made a significant impact in the industry with her exceptional talent for enhancing people’s beauty through makeup. Parul is a certified makeup artist by “TEMPTU.”

Parul Garg is a talented makeup artist who is renowned for her ability to create a diverse range of looks. Whether you desire a subtle and elegant style or a daring and an imaginative one, she can deliver it with finesse. Her personalized approach to makeup ensures that her clients always look stunning. It’s no surprise that so many people adore her work!

3. Swati Verma Nanda: 2.3 M (@swativerma)

Swati Verma is a well-known bridal makeup artist based in Delhi who has gained worldwide recognition for her exceptional work. She has a massive following of 2.3 million on Instagram and is known for creating glamorous looks. 

Swati has a successful global makeup career and serves clients from various parts of the world. She is the founder of Swati Cosmetics and is famous for her amazing makeup tutorials, product reviews, and beauty tips on Instagram.

4. Malvika Sitlani: 673k (@malvikasitlaniofficial)

Malvika Sitlani is a former model who has now become a popular beauty influencer from India. She has a massive following of 673k on Instagram and over 800k subscribers on YouTube. 

Malvika is the first beauty content creator from India to be chosen as the digital ambassador for Brazilian brand Sol de Janeiro’s India media localization campaign ‘Time to Celebrate You’ for Bum-Bum creams. Additionally, she founded her luxury beauty brand called Masic Beauty.

Furthermore, Malvika is a single mother who talks about social problems and promotes self-love and body positivity. She has become a positive influence on her followers.

5. Shreya Jain: 440k (@shreyajain26)

Shreya Jain is a well-known beauty blogger in India with a massive following of 440k on Instagram and 750k subscribers on YouTube. She is based in Delhi and has gained immense popularity through her makeup videos on Instagram reels and YouTube. Shreya Jain is also the CEO of a shopping and retail brand called S J Merch.

Shreya Jain’s content primarily revolves around makeup tutorials, beauty tips, and product reviews. She shares her journey with various beauty products, helping her audience discover new trends and techniques.

Final Words

In 2023, Indian beauty influencers will continue to shine on Instagram with their fabulous content, inspiring countless followers. They share their diverse talents, from stunning makeup looks to everyday beauty tips, and have become trusted guides in the beauty industry.

These beauty influencers are not only famous for their content but also for their ability to connect with their followers. They create a welcoming environment where everyone, regardless of their background, feels valued and beautiful. By sharing relatable content and being approachable, they have transformed Instagram into a positive platform.

If you’re into beauty and fashion, these are some of the beauty influencers you must follow.

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