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Skyrocket brand engagement with Instagram Influencer Marketing

A platform with 1.4 billion monthly active users and the highest engagement rate, Instagram, is a perfect way for brands to reach their existing and potential customers.

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Best Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency in India

Every brand wants to get on the Instagram ride for reach, connect with their followers, and increase engagement. Brands from diverse industries are using Instagram campaigns to reach millennials and Gen Z. It has evolved into a fantastic platform for building communities, engaging audiences, and increasing sales. It’s a common human behaviour that the more we connect with a product, the more acquainted, comfortable, and confident we are with it.

Types of influencers

Nano- 10k to 50k followers
Nano-influencers are normal social media users with a following of about 10,000 to 50,000. They are influencers at the initial stage and are still learning social media influence by working hard with their content.
Micro- 50k to 100k followers
A micro-influencer is someone who has a higher social media following than that of an average person but less than that of a celebrity. They use their following to promote products relevant to their niches or expertise.
Macro- 100k to 1M followers
Macro-influencers are influencers with followers ranging from 100,000 to 1,000,000. They have reasonable engagement rates and a large audience, making them ideal for brand endorsement or collaboration. Macro-influencers usually have prior experience in their chosen niche.
Mega- 1M+ followers
With more than a million followers, mega-influencers are highly prominent on social media due to their celebrity status. They're most active on social media channels where their target audience is present, and with the help of a huge fan following, they generate a ton of engagement.
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Why Instagram?

Cost-Effective Platform

Instagram is one of the most cost-effective platforms compared to other social media networks, delivering higher Returns on Investment (ROI) with less expense. Therefore, it can garner higher exposure for the brand at less cost.

Higher Engagement Rate

If you use Instagram for business, you would know it can cultivate great results for your brand. Instagram's live videos, reels, and photos generate a greater reach. Instagram statistics are a great way to analyse the success of your campaigns.

Increase Product Discovery

Users find Instagram shop a practical option because it allows them to shop and make payments through Instagram's payment gateways. Brands have seen an increase in product discovery and sales due to this.

Effectively Reaches Target Audience

Influencers place brand-oriented content in front of social media users who are already your target audience. It fosters the right audience for your brand. Hence, it automatically enhances the engagement rate.

Our Process

Analyzing the marketing goals

Before designing the influencer marketing campaign for Instagram, we first evaluate and comprehend the business's marketing goals. Your company’s goals could be different, such as boosting sales, increasing website traffic, or building brand awareness. Once the goal is selected, we assess the brand message to determine brand sentiment.

Analyzing the target audience and the product

In addition to adequately understanding the brand's marketing goals, we also examine the target audience to understand their needs and wants. After analyzing the brand's target audience, we locate the perfect influencer with a relevant audience - demographics and behavioural traits. This allows us to portray the brand in the best possible way.

Choosing the right Instagram Influencer

Socio Influencer is one of India's top influencer marketing agencies, with an extensive network of influencers. We locate the perfect influencer with a relevant audience - demographics and behavioural traits. This allows us to portray the brand in the best possible way.

Designing and executing the campaign

Following selecting the best Instagram influencer in terms of engagement, reach, and demographics, our team of specialists works with the brand to create an Instagram marketing campaign that achieves the end goal. Then influencers generate original content that reflects the brand's value and interacts with consumers personally.

Achieving the goal and good ROI

Our creators use their accounts to post unique and engaging content to tell a story and inspire people to buy the product or service. We establish a few Key Performance Indicators to monitor the campaign's progress and ultimate success in increased brand awareness, potential leads, conversion, and sales.

Our Exclusive Instagram Influencers

Why choose Instagram influencer marketing as a part of your next marketing campaign?

As one of the most prominent Instagram marketing agencies, we commit to providing cost-effective ROI to all our clients across various industries.


Instagram began as an image-sharing social platform, but it has evolved into so much more since then. It is now an important aspect of the marketing strategies of many brands.


A powerful and insightful Instagram marketing plan can do wonders for your brand if you choose the correct influencer for the campaign.


Thanks to the option to mention links in the bio, Instagram can be used not only to educate the target audience about the brand's products/services but also to drive relevant traffic to specific landing sites.


Expanding your brand's online presence using the Instagram influencer marketing platform will significantly benefit your brand's online presence and, in turn, help you reach more potential customers.


Since Instagram has such an extensive audience base, companies can locate Instagram influencers for any category or type of product or service.


Instagram is one of the top social media platforms with a large number of daily users in millions. In the future years, this number will only rise. Hence, brands can reach the most extensive online audience.


Short as well as long-form video clips can be uploaded to Instagram. Therefore, brands can publish more detailed and in-depth product demonstrations or customer testimonials.


Instagram now attracts viewers of all ages, from children and millennials to the elderly. Due to this, famous Instagram influencers can advertise any product or service.

What makes us the top Instagram influencer marketing agency in India and how we are different from others?

As one of the most prominent Instagram marketing agencies, we commit to providing cost-effective ROI to all our clients across various industries.

Strong Network
Socio Influencer has a network of 5000+ top Instagram influencers ranging from mega to nano influencers.
Domain Expertise
Our team of experts recognizes the sentimental value connected to the brand message and creates custom marketing campaigns accordingly.
Creative Minds
Our professionals assist our creators in producing high-quality original content that provides value to the marketing campaign.
Brand Positioning
We are dedicated to providing the most cost-effective ROI by strategically positioning brands most suitably with the help of the right Instagram Influencer.
High ROI
As one of the most prominent Instagram marketing agencies, we commit to providing our clients with a cost-effective Return on Investment (ROI).
Effective Communication
We analyse the campaign goals as per brand requirements and provide timely reports for better execution and understanding.

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