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Amplifying brand communication with Regional Influencer Marketing

Widen consumer database locally and boost brand visibility in Tier 2 & 3 cities. Select the most relevant influencers who can create impactful and personalized regional content, thereby achieving all marketing objectives.

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Best Regional Influencer Marketing Agency in India

In India, more than half of internet users access social media information in their native languages. Brands have begun to invest in regional influencers to appeal to vernacular language audiences and broaden their reach. In India, around 210 million Internet users consume information in native languages. According to Google, the number of regional users is predicted to increase by a high percentage by the end of 2022. We assist with the creation of content in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati, and Marathi to target certain national geographic regions and increase your brand’s visibility in India.

Why Regional Marketing?

Increase Product Discovery

With content-driven influencer marketing, you can expand your consumer base and raise brand awareness in Tier II and III regions.

Increase Conversion Rates

Initiate creative content-driven influencer campaigns, boost your brand's conversion rates, and boost your social media presence.

Increase Engagement Rates

Double your engagement rate by appealing to vernacular speakers and increasing your brand recognition in specific markets of India.


Regional marketing can be less expensive because regional influencers charge less money and are more effective because of higher engagement.

Our Process

Content Mapping

We develop a content plan to showcase your brand's and product's distinctive features. We also ensure that the content's tone syncs with the brand's persona and values. At this stage, we will fabricate the story around your brand's product or service.

Influencer Curation

We help you pick the right influencer mix for your regional influencer campaigns. While designing the campaign, we consider various factors like your brand's goals, budget, the platform you want to leverage, etc.

Content Delivery

Influencers create exciting content that is of high quality. Their content is extremely engaging while also being relevant. This helps in attracting a wider audience through different social media channels.

Reporting & Analytics

After the successful completion of your influencer marketing campaigns, we provide you with a report of the results that have been generated. It helps you in understanding the outcome of your influencer marketing efforts.

Our Regional Influencers

Why choose Regional influencer marketing as a part of your next marketing campaign?

If you are wondering why you should choose Socio Influencer, worry no more because we will tell you exactly why!


These days brands aim to break into India's most niche markets and areas. Given that there are 22 scheduled languages, only 43.66% of the population speaks Hindi. This is where regional influencer marketing comes into effect. Regional creators produce content in their language, which allows them to engage with their target audience on a far more personal level. We use the brand association leverage strategy to help brands profit from this priceless relationship between the two parties.


A decade ago, brands pursued mass targeting, but it's not true today. Brands are aiming to root in India's rural areas. More than 210 million internet users access content in their native languages. Where brands lack in speaking the right tone while connecting with regional customers, regional influencers prove to be a huge turning point. Regional influencer marketing contributes immensely to creating the right marketing pitch, and the Socio Influencer team is adept at tapping into the stronghold of these creators.


There are currently 450 million active internet users, which will rise to approximately 636 million in the next three years. Out of these, more than 70% speak different languages. Brands can effectively interact with this increasing digital audience and push their reach deeper into India's roots with the correct regional influencer marketing strategy. When consumers no longer associate your product with a specific region of a particular country, you know your brand has succeeded.


As the demand for material in vernacular languages increases, so is the need for regional influencers. They not only offer a personal touch to your brand's content, but they also have a high level of trust among your target audience. Since people only buy from the people they trust, these creators are your winning ticket, and our team at Socio Influencer will build you a campaign that caters to winning.

What Makes Socio Influencer the Best Regional Influencer Platform in India?

Locally connected influencers help the brand remain rooted, authentic, and raw. Adding regional flavours, be it cuisine, attire, or language, can do wonders for a brand. We can help you pick the right influencers for your brand from our extensive database of 500+ regional influencers.

Expertise in Influencer Management
Socio Influencer team has unique expertise in managing relations with influencers, approaching them, striking a lucrative deal that is a win for both parties, and maximizing their credibility in their niche. It makes us India's top regional influencer marketing agency.
Employing Only The Best Practices
Our practices attempt to make the most of our regional campaigns with voice, video, and vernacular, serving as the foundation of how Indian internet consumers interact with this multiverse of content and to make the best of current scenarios; we are consistently modifying and upgrading our efforts.
Broad Industry Experience
We have more than five years of experience in regional marketing and assisting regional brands in their growth.
Furthermore, our team has identified different regional marketing patterns and the ideal approaches for a company to break into a new market through creators.
Ingenious Marketers In The Team
Our team comprises marketers with relevant industry knowledge who aren't afraid to explore new concepts. They bring in their world-class experience and innovative marketing techniques, which makes us the leading regional influencer marketing agency in India.
Varied Network Of
We've spent years scouring the internet for the most profitable regional creators to join our elite network of influencers. In addition, we are continually on the hunt for new and emerging creators in several regions. Our network covers a wide range of niches and languages.
Multiple Successful Campaigns
We have produced several successful result-oriented influencer campaigns in the regional marketing business over the years. We put our heart and soul into every campaign we develop and execute, and it reflects in the outcomes. We've already earned the trust of numerous brands.

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