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Explore new Horizons with YouTube Influencer Marketing

Youtube is the second most used platform with high visibility, even on Google search results. Brands can leverage this to reach their target audience by breaking into Youtube influencer marketing and collaborating with the right creators.

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Best YouTube Influencer Marketing Agency in India

Over the past few years, brands have leveraged Youtube Influencer Marketing to build strong relationships with their audiences. Youtubers attract a lot of viewers to the video-sharing platform. These are prominent Youtube personalities with massive, well-engaged fan bases.

Types of influencers

Nano- 10k to 50k followers
Nano-influencers are normal social media users with a following of about 10,000 to 50,000. They are influencers at the initial stage and are still learning social media influencing by working hard with their content.
Micro- 50k to 100k followers
A micro-influencer is someone who has a higher social media following than that of an average person but less than that of a celebrity. They use their following to promote products relevant to their niches or expertise.
Macro- 100k to 1M followers
Macro-influencers are influencers with followers ranging from 100,000 to 1,000,000. They have reasonable engagement rates and a large audience, making them ideal for brand endorsement or collaboration. Macro-influencers usually have prior experience in their chosen niche.
Mega- 1M+ followers
With more than a million followers, mega-influencers are highly prominent on social media due to their celebrity status. They're most active on social media channels where their target audience is present, and with the help of a huge fan following, they generate a ton of engagement.
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Why YouTube?

Increases brand visibility on search

Whenever you do a Google search related to a topic, there are a few videos that pop up. Did you ever wonder how? Well, Google owns Youtube. This means that being consistent with high-quality and engaging video content postings on Youtube can also rank your brand on Google search results. If your video performs well on Youtube, there are chances it will reach a much wider audience.

Get lifelong

Youtube videos have an extremely long shelf life, which means they do not disappear even after years. All the videos that you create will be available on your brand’s Youtube channel. This is excellent as Youtube videos keep accumulating a lot of engagement and views over time. Therefore, there is a possibility that a brand's video might blow up years after they create it.

Can be leveraged by different industries

As a platform that reaches approximately 2.2 billion users worldwide and now that digital video is at the forefront of the marketing industry, Youtube has become an extremely popular and go-to video-sharing platform for both long and short-form content. Nowadays, almost all industries are leveraging its power for promoting their products / services online.

Effectively Reaches Target Audience

Youtube provides an opportunity to experiment with two different content formats, long and short. Brands can opt for either one, depending on their goals.
To name a few types of classic content types that people consume on Youtube are “How to videos”, “Haul videos”, “Fail videos”, “Product Unboxing”, “Reaction videos”, "Food Recipes","DIY", etc.

Our Process

Understanding the brand's product/service

We focus on the company's objective and understand the product/service in question along with the brand’s message. It caters to creating original, high-quality content and better communicating its benefits to the target audience.

Finding Ideal Influencers

We select influencers considering their niche, reach, and engagement rate. At this point, we also analyze the brand's target audience and ensure that relevant influencers are selected.

Creating and executing a YouTube influencer marketing campaign

Our team of professionals, in collaboration with the company and the influencer, generates compelling content that embodies the brand's value. Our experts use their exceptional experience and forward-thinking marketing methods to help your brand maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.

Results and analytics

Depending on the goal of your campaign, whether it is brand awareness, sales conversions, or something else, we provide different metrics to help measure the success of your efforts. A detailed report along with the ROI generated from the campaign is presented.

Our Exclusive YouTube Influencers

Why choose YouTube influencer marketing as a part of your next marketing campaign?

If you are wondering why you should choose Socio Influencer, worry no more because we will tell you exactly why!


YouTube began as a video-sharing social platform, but it has evolved into so much more. It is the world’s second most visited social platform, with more than two billion people using it every month. The platform is providing excellent opportunities for brands to reach a wider audience via influencers.


A powerful Youtube marketing strategy combined with the right set of influencers can fuel a brand’s influencer marketing efforts to a great extent. It is not about strategizing alone but also executing it effectively.


With 247 million monthly viewers, there is no shortage of viewers and traffic that your brand can fetch if you start Youtube Influencer Marketing. Also, thanks to the option to mention links in the video description box, Youtube can be used not only to educate the target audience but also to drive relevant traffic to specific landing sites.


Expanding your brand's online presence using the YouTube Influencer Marketing platform will significantly benefit your brand's online presence and, in turn, help you reach more potential customers.


There are a variety of Youtube influencers that brands can choose from depending on various factors like their goals, budget, target audience, etc. The brand’s message communicated through these influencers can have a greater impact on the audiences, if done correctly.


YouTube has more daily users than any other social media network, which is over 2 billion. In the future years, this number will only rise. Hence, brands can reach the most extensive online audience.


Brands can publish more detailed and in-depth product demonstrations or customer testimonials through extended video clips. They can also create shorter clips of the longer format of content through Youtube shorts.


YouTube as a social platform attracts viewers of all ages, from children and millennials to the elderly. Therefore, there is an opportunity to create various different types of content that would appeal to different demographics.

What makes Socio Influencer the top YouTube Influencer Marketing Agency in India and how we are different from others?

We design tailor-made campaigns to reach your target customers, keeping your brand’s goals in mind.

Reliable Services
We have a YouTube influencer network of 2000+ trusted influencers (Youtubers) ranging from mega influencers to micro and nano influencers.
Technical Competency
In coordination with our marketing experts, our influencers create high-quality content relevant to the campaign's goal.
Friendly & Cordial in Nature
We seek to pick the best YouTube influencer for the campaign so that we can position the brand effectively and generate more leads.
Excellent Quality Delivered on Time
We aim to deliver 360-degree marketing solutions to brands well in time. It is ensured that the results are delivered within the time promised without compromising on quality.
Trusted by
Our experts build bespoke campaigns based on the brand's demands and marketing goals. All the campaigns are created after extensive research and brainstorming by our team.
Effective Communication
As one of the most prominent YouTube marketing agencies, we commit to providing our clients with a cost-effective ROI by reaching relevant audiences through effective storytelling.

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