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Strategically place brands within the entertainment

Create successful campaigns by integrating your brand’s products/services within the songs, movies, series, and more.

Influencer marketing agency

Best marketing agency for brand placements in India

Brand placement is a growing practice in an increasing number of marketing agencies all over the world. A brand is included in a mass media program through placement in exchange for compensation from the advertiser. It’s a marketing strategy in which allusions to specific brands or products are placed into another work, such as a film, show, or music video, to promote them. Even when it’s a well-known marketing technique being practiced globally, marketing platforms and agencies are not entirely familiar with it in India. This is why Socio Influencer, one of India’s most prominent influencer marketing agencies, stands out as one of the few agencies offering this service all over the country.

Why brand placements?

Advantage for brands

Brand Integration provides an excellent opportunity for brands as they can seamlessly incorporate their advertisements. Brand partners profit from music videos due to the expansion in digital platforms such as YouTube, where some popular music videos have over a billion views.

Optimum Brand Integration

These platforms allow brands to reach directly to consumers rather than relying on a television network. Marketers can specify what they are looking forward to in the collaboration, and artists' teams can assist in bringing that integration to existence in the best manner.

Creates Greater Brand Awareness

When people appreciate a video and the brand places its product within it, people also start associating positive feelings with the brand. This tactic helps in building brand awareness and eventually serves towards brand growth without promoting a product upfront.

Music Video Experience

Marketers obtain visibility for their brands or products through music videos, which millions of people see around the world, as well as the artist's perspective endorsement of the brand on social media. This gives immense visibility to the brand.

Our Process

Identify target audience

The first step is to find out your target audience and the kind of content that they consume. It will help us understand within which entertainment channel your brand fits so that it reaches the right people.

Budget analysis:

​​We help you make the complex task of budgeting easier. We review your campaign budgets and determine the most likely outcomes accordingly. It also helps in measuring your campaign performance.

Seamless integration

We ensure that your brand’s products and services are seamlessly integrated into and blend well with the content. The brand integration can take place in a song, tv show, web series, or movie.

Reporting & analysis

The digital space is ever-evolving; therefore, not measuring the results will mean wasted efforts. So we offer all our partner brands reporting and analysis after the successful completion of each campaign.

Brand Integrations

What makes us the top marketing agency for brand placements in India and how are we different from others?

We get to know the client’s priorities, resources and guidelines and offer the best opportunities

Convenient Execution Process
We turn brand integration opportunities into branded experiences. We make the entire campaign execution process easier for our partner brands, thereby improving brand visibility.
Dedicated team
Be it movies, TV, shows, songs, games or any other content in video format, our team of experienced professionals works hard to seamlessly integrate your brand’s products and services into entertainment.
Relevant integrations
Identifying the right brand placement opportunities is crucial for your brand. We make it effortless for you by picking out the most suitable entertainment where we integrate our partner brands.
Analytical reporting
We analyze the results against the campaign goals and present a detailed analysis to our brand partners after the campaign completes. This helps them in better understanding and execution of campaigns ahead.

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